Friday, April 16, 2010

slow dancing

But the real world is not written by Nicholas Sparks. We live without scripts, there are no cuts. We cannot fold the pages to re-experience our favourite parts or fast forward the scenes we want to edit out. We cannot pause and look up for meaning of words we cannot understand and go back to the sentences we underlined just when the mood strikes.

In the real world, we slow dance to life’s ups and downs... even to the ugliest, darkest parts... at its own pace... Face the consequences of our actions in stride, even if it will alter the direction of our sails.

At some point we have to break free from our bubble wrap of comfort zones. Be not afraid to say goodbye when needed and unplanned. Even if the fear of its permanency is heartbreaking. Even if we know there’s no guarantee that after we part ways, we will kiss and make up when the storm has passed.

But while doing something against our will is the hardest and the pain is inevitable, at the end of the day, when we ask ourselves if we did the right thing, we know we would be able to say: YES we did. And that allows us move on and travel light, free from baggage of the past.