Monday, July 8, 2013

The copycat says arf! arf! - Top 10 Dangers of Copying

You ask yourself, are you just imagining things or just overly assuming? But just like a photocopy machine, you post a hobby's pic on your page and one FB friend comes up with something ‘sooo the same’, even the angle how it was taken. Impressive yet far from unique. You just got your fringe and the next Friday she has her new profile pic with her bangs newly trimmed, then the blue nails, then the next weekend date… etc… etc… Inspiration is one thing, imitation is another.

Initially you think it was coincidence; suddenly you like the same thing or in the same line of thinking (at the same time). But when coincidences become too obvious and too often even your vocabularies are reappearing (and even your mother starts noticing it) you feel robbed and it begins to piss you off.
While it is so tempting to just copy, so painless to become an echo or so easy to live under the shadow, there are dangers of becoming a copycat.

1)     It’s Facebook irritant, again, especially when it is too evident and too frequent but never convincing. So imagine how many FB friends you annoy.

2)      Content scraping is plagiarism.

3)      And doubly offensive and insulting when you try to rephrase and the grammar gets crazy.

4)      A counterfeit LV bag is a counterfeit LV bag. It will show when it’s not original.    

5)    You will not experience failing and falling flat - then getting up and doing better on next try or if you failed over and over again, having something to laugh about yourself.

6)    You miss the thrill of discovering things yourself; the excitement of experimenting because you just wait what she posts next, what she does next, what she wears next.

7)    You will remain a shadow, you will never get a life. You will remain an echo, you will never have a voice.

8)     You will miss being different, you will miss being the inspiration, you will miss being real. Your only fan will be yourself.

9)      You’ll get used to copying, it will retard your brain.

10)  You will lose friends and don’t get new ones, real ones.