Wednesday, July 24, 2013

To My Groom, With Love

So finally it dawned on me
Shall I be nervous or just be merry?
Whatever the ring means, let it be
Soon a beaming bride, full of glee

Looking back, ours is not a smoothly paved path
We are both work in progress, we have ups and downs
We have days of laughter and unspoken love
We also have stormy days when calm cannot be found

The next few months will be more of a challenge
And more about love and patience will be unearthed
“It’s not my shade of blue and must have a touch of green.
And oh, please decide fast about the ring; isn’t the cake too sweet?”

Dramatic and far from composed, I will surely be at times
Anxious about tiniest details, while you’re so relaxed
Then suddenly it’s a full scale war we cannot hide our wrath
But no matter how crazy, please show up and read your wedding vows