Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Blocked-listed - Top 10 Reasons You Are Blocked in FB

You’re now an Ex-Facebook Friend (ExFBF).  Top 10 Reasons why!

#1 He is completely unaware – maybe his account is hacked or is now 'conjugal' and she wants you blocked. Move on sister.

If you’re a He, choose from reasons 2 and 3.

#2 You recently broke up – and either your Ex is too hurt, too guilty or is hiding something.

#3 *Your ExFBF deactivated her account. Same effect, you cannot peep on her dinner updates. Sniff! Sniff!! But if you found out from common friends her daily check-ins are in the news feed, scroll other 8 other probable reasons below. Good luck!

#4 Accepting your friend request was wrong in the first place. He/she is just making it right this time. Puhlezz set him/her free.

#5 You’re stalking the person. It is creepy as much as it is annoying and you deserve the 'blocked' list.

#6 *The right to privacy and the right to choose friends – she is just practicing both. You also have the right to get mad or feel bad but there’s nothing you can do about it.

#7 He or she is too hurt.

#8 Life is better off without you and your updates.  It's harsh but... (deep breath, shrugging shoulders)...

#9 You’re not really friends. And he/she wants his/her innermost thoughts, feelings for the day, worries, realizations, activities, pictures of her favourite pets, likes and etc… to be amongst those he/she is happy to share them with.    

#10 You’re an ugly past – or an ugly truth. Everyone deserves to live a happy and peaceful life so is your ex-FB friend. If he or she wants to move on and what you keep on dragging is ugliness, you will be 'unfriend-ed' or 'blocked-listed'.   

  • she/her is replaceable with he/his

#11 will be: you are related to the Ex, or closer to the Ex, wherein you wouldn't care.

The same applies to suddenly finding out you were 'unfriend-ed'  (oh! what a word). But on a lighter note, if you cannot control what you post or what you like, share or comments, at least you can control who knows what you do. 
Whatever, the bottom line is the person doesn't want to be reminded of you. Who knows, she's doing you both a favour.