Sunday, September 8, 2013

Top 10 Facebook Friends Turn off

n0 matter what the reason is, deleting that FBF from list or hiding his/her updates from the news feed is not an option:

1) he/she is more than virtual

2) you are within the same circle of friends

3) he/she hasn’t offended you intentionally in any way though (just annoying you)

4) it will be too harsh, rude, immature, start conflict, etc… etc….

… and most of all, the world does not revolve around your selfish whims, so the law of existence and manners requires you to coexist.   

I can tolerate occasional selfies or even the proud mommies, food is fine (as long as interesting and appetizing) but constant updaters as below, steer me away from the news feeds:

10)  The Grammar Murderer. YES it is a crime to mislead your friends, confuse them and give them headache staring at your jumbled alphabet all in one post.  There are forgivable lapses that still send your message across but if your rants, drama, food porn or photo caption leave us muddled, you are not giving our FB friendship justice. And you're doing it hourly.

9)     The Copy Cat ...says arf! arf! Enuff said.

8)     The Bad News Bearer / Bubble Burst-er. The news is already headlined with crimes, calamity, terrorism, wars (try Middle East papers or channels), etc… etc… so if you can help, please refrain from ranting how ugly the day seems or your life is.  Just pm your close friends.

7)     The Athlete …who sends so many game requests and updates. Okay, I want you deleted.

6)    The Online Diary Keeper. Dear FBF, If we are not your mom, your sister, your BFF, your immediate superior, stalker or the priest or your life coach, we need not the tiniest details of your day or your reaction to everything. We cannot promise to love you unconditionally and chances are your will irritate us or prompt us to gossip.

5)    The Preacher/The Righteous. The news feed is not a pulpit especially if you are the only one doing right things and everybody else is doing wrong.

4)     The Trigger Happy / Gullible …who shares everything even the hoax, those showing support, prayer or respect by sharing images of those suffering from sickness and gruesome pics… please share wisely.

3)     The Beauty Queen / The Weight Watcher. Please wait for us to acknowledge that you are beautiful in our eyes, no need to put in the caption and we don’t need the update in the kilos lost, we don’t swap clothes.  

2)      The Seller …no need to tag us of your latest collection especially those described ‘plus size’ or ‘Class A imitation’. Be sensitive.

NOTE: The Sellers include those who regularly post what they have shopped recently, the effect is the same.  

1)      The War Freak. Please keep the list of your enemies, frenemies or rivalry with you including the reason. Blind item also included. You are not giving the person a fair trial and it just defines you more than your enemy.


Monday, August 5, 2013

Top 10 Joys of Home-cooking

The pantry smells like garlic factory and so do you. Boiling vinegar doesn’t cure the odour all the times. Okay, I have problem with odours giving away what you have had for lunch but still I look forward to each day with a grocery visit, veggies being tossed to the wok and serving delicious meal ('delicious': well, at least to my taste buds and to a hungry basketball team).

Top 10 Joys of Home-cooking. TOP - the first things that came to my mind. 

10)  Budget friendly. Good restaurants with good food and great service are expensive. Treating out yourself more than weekly will surely hurt your wallet and dent your savings for a new gadget or a new hobby (and so I realized especially if you are a couple and you both love good food). So, just style your food and light some candles and the night will be as romantic, you can keep the supposedly 'municipality taxes & tip'.   

9)  Left-overs lovin’. There is magic upon discovery that you have a piece of carrot, crab sticks and some green leaves lying in the fridge. You come up with a soup other than instant and you can put your name in your dish. Soon you’ll be able to write your own Nigellissima. *winking with tongue sticking out*

8) Especially cooked/personalized cuisines. Ho Fun noodles is too oily, the dip is too tangy it makes you dizzy, etc…, etc… they just happen and leave you bloated and disappointed. Home-cooking lets you spice up your favourite just the way you want it. If you want, you can also plan your own theme nights.  

7)  Cures instant cravings. Seafood Paella on a Tuesday night? Why not? And you can invite over your best buddies and get tipsy on red wine.

6)  Instant presents. There are just day-before invites and you don’t know what to get a male friend. It’s rude to come empty-handed. The crowd’s favorite is surely a hit. Just make sure it’s not in the host’s menu list.  

5)  Unlimited food choices. You are not limited to what the resto is offering and not limited to one order’s serving. The fusion can happen at the comforts of your own home and you can have all the California Maki rolling till you can barely breathe.  

4)  Healthier and more hygienic options. Go meatless and substitute the red, use olive oil or none at all, bake instead of fry when applicable. And if you’re a type who’s always doubtful what’s on your plate, you just know what goes and went into your Vietnamese spring roll. 

3)  It is the shortest way to a man’s heart or your in-laws’ hearts. Remember: it is courtesy to assure your mother-in-law you will not starve her son, your own mother will be proud of it. He comes home looking forward to what you cooked up and it is a more harmonious day with a sumptuous breakfast… and you live *happily ever after.  

*happily ever after – that is if you still believe in happily ever after, because happily ever after is not true, or otherwise boring. 

2)  The joy of fellowship. It just follows that your house easily gets full with family and friends when you share good taste and good food and the laughter just never ends.  

1)   More than anything else, cooking is therapeutic and gives you that sense of accomplishment. When they offer you compliments and you see they just emptied their dish.

Did I mention you can: take a picture and self-promote at FB? *lol*   


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

To My Groom, With Love

So finally it dawned on me
Shall I be nervous or just be merry?
Whatever the ring means, let it be
Soon a beaming bride, full of glee

Looking back, ours is not a smoothly paved path
We are both work in progress, we have ups and downs
We have days of laughter and unspoken love
We also have stormy days when calm cannot be found

The next few months will be more of a challenge
And more about love and patience will be unearthed
“It’s not my shade of blue and must have a touch of green.
And oh, please decide fast about the ring; isn’t the cake too sweet?”

Dramatic and far from composed, I will surely be at times
Anxious about tiniest details, while you’re so relaxed
Then suddenly it’s a full scale war we cannot hide our wrath
But no matter how crazy, please show up and read your wedding vows  


Monday, July 8, 2013

The copycat says arf! arf! - Top 10 Dangers of Copying

You ask yourself, are you just imagining things or just overly assuming? But just like a photocopy machine, you post a hobby's pic on your page and one FB friend comes up with something ‘sooo the same’, even the angle how it was taken. Impressive yet far from unique. You just got your fringe and the next Friday she has her new profile pic with her bangs newly trimmed, then the blue nails, then the next weekend date… etc… etc… Inspiration is one thing, imitation is another.

Initially you think it was coincidence; suddenly you like the same thing or in the same line of thinking (at the same time). But when coincidences become too obvious and too often even your vocabularies are reappearing (and even your mother starts noticing it) you feel robbed and it begins to piss you off.
While it is so tempting to just copy, so painless to become an echo or so easy to live under the shadow, there are dangers of becoming a copycat.

1)     It’s Facebook irritant, again, especially when it is too evident and too frequent but never convincing. So imagine how many FB friends you annoy.

2)      Content scraping is plagiarism.

3)      And doubly offensive and insulting when you try to rephrase and the grammar gets crazy.

4)      A counterfeit LV bag is a counterfeit LV bag. It will show when it’s not original.    

5)    You will not experience failing and falling flat - then getting up and doing better on next try or if you failed over and over again, having something to laugh about yourself.

6)    You miss the thrill of discovering things yourself; the excitement of experimenting because you just wait what she posts next, what she does next, what she wears next.

7)    You will remain a shadow, you will never get a life. You will remain an echo, you will never have a voice.

8)     You will miss being different, you will miss being the inspiration, you will miss being real. Your only fan will be yourself.

9)      You’ll get used to copying, it will retard your brain.

10)  You will lose friends and don’t get new ones, real ones.