Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Red Tags - Top 10 Drawbacks of Online Shopping

Single, working and tired at the end of the day I always have the reason to run to the mall.

I have all the reasons from catching up with the girls to dinner cravings – except shopping. I dread the thought of going to the mall and purposely getting something. The process of having to go visit several shops and get specifically what I have in mind – it just takes too much of my time. Then getting disappointed Size 6 shoe is out of stock or that Size 6 is not standard. The long queue is another thing (impatient eh!). With my 5-ft frame I get swept by throngs of eager shoppers and their shopping bags during Dubai shopping seasons.

On most occasions, I end up empty handed with what I need to buy and excessively spend on my favourite shops. It’s too late before I realize I overstocked of body butters and shower gels. And every so often, I end up purchasing something that I will regret before the train gets to the first stop - it’s just that I get so weak in the knees with the sight of oh so tempting 'blings' dangling in front of me and all reasons are rolling in my mind why I deserve another reward then feel guilty.

With that established, it’s easy to explain why I got hooked with online shopping. Well, if not entirely hooked like a bratty shopaholic, at least lured into shopping unplanned and on a regular basis while wriggling my toes underneath my office table. The greatest convenience is I just can do it anytime of the day in between and while taking calls and sipping my green tea. Strategically-sized discount tags popping up in my inbox in the middle of important mails. Discount marks that psyche one into thinking he/she is saving instead of spending – tsk! tsk!

Who would have predicted online shopping will be as common thing as Facebook readily accessible as long as you have an e-mail ID? But there are also drawbacks to the convenience of shopping on a click.

1)       The Facebook Profile Pic Shock – you fell in love, you clicked ‘buy’, when the package arrived, the actual is a far cry of what is advertised. #sobs

2)      The morning after regret – you gave in, probably because of the hormones raging, when everything else subsided, you received the sms and the amount is deducted from your available limit. You ask yourself: 'Oh boy! Did I really make that unnecessary purchase again?' Then it’s too late.

3)      ‘Til death do us part – if he snores, you have to live with that for the rest of your lives, annulment is more expensive at this stage. Somewhere in the links you are too lazy to click says refund will just be a headache, they will be ‘glad’ to give you that as store credits instead. Fine print: you’re stuck with your purchase.

4)       Along came Mr. Wrong – and you’re just too excited dear Mr. Aramex finally came knocking at your doorstep and surprise!!! It’s 2 left shoe in the box or not the item you paid for. If it’s their mistake, they can exchange, you just have to wait for another day. However if the item has to be shipped from somewhere, you have to wait for another 3 weeks. #goodluck!

5)      Long engagement – you stare at your ring and the stone stares back, sometimes you ask: will my order ever come?

6)      Online shopping is to online dating as actual shopping is to actual dating, to real shopaholics nothing substitutes the joy of the real thing.

7)      Authenticity check – what an extravagant savings even mom is impressed. But as you cannot feel or sniff, authenticity cannot be guaranteed. #megawatt doubt

8)      The lies, the scams – they lurk in legit sites, sweet ramblings, roses at hand, they get you into thinking the business exists and after you send your money they’re gone as fast.

9)      Communication – the lack there of and you feel hurt and ignored. 1) line always busy, 2) you were kept hanging, 3) can’t give the real stat, 4) the standard dialogue and lies, 5) etc… etc... - and you are raised to a full scale war.

10)  Hit and miss – you’ll only find out how it fits on first date.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Top 10 Reasons It Is Wise to Know When to Shut Up

Poor you if you’re caught on video ranting. The world is completely turned around on you and the next thing you knew is your poor accent is mocked. You are judged, sized up and condemned by Facebook users – completely unaware that the way they react and comment mirrors what exactly what they strongly disapprove of. You shot stardom along with the bad reputation (thanks to the amateur video of a 'concern' passerby).  

Let’s face it, the world is filled with highly-opinionated creatures and we are inclined to babble non-stop until we get what we want or we get tired. Simply, we think that it is the world’s obligation to hear and listen to us and abide by our standards. But of course the world would not.

Thus, it is wise to learn when to shut up. There are battles best won with a smile. And if a smile is hard to crack, take defense instead by biting your tongue.

Why it’s wise to know when to shut up?

1)             Not all battles are worth fighting, not all issues are worth commenting, not all arguments are worth winning and not all people are worth talking with. If it will cause more damage in the relationship than mending, think which is more worth-keeping.

2)            Smiling it away just puts bully off guard.

3)            When it comes to gossipers, the best defense is cutting ties. If your passion is different, find the like minded fellas. Life will be more peaceful and relaxed. If by any chance you’re the current talk-of-the-town, don’t worry, all whispers die down when there’s a new headline.

4)            Truth has its way of coming out. Sleep well, sweat not.

5)            Heard about less talk less mistake? Especially if the topic is not your niche. Silence is better than plagiarism.

6)            You learn a lot from listening.

7)            When emotions are at rage, you feel and think differently. Most of the time, you’ve already said the regretful lines before your senses knock you up. Fights end up you taking all the blame even for the oil price hike. Bad.

8)            Choosing what you hear is healthy. Or if you want to window shop uninterrupted by insistent staffs wanting to touch your hands, there is a facial expression called blank stare, try it. There are just 2 downsides: either they will think you are possessed or crazy, but they will give up.

9)            In the end, all the negative things you say against the person are used to measure you up. It is doing you more harm than the one you back stab.

10)        It is safer to live in the Philippines – at least you won’t be surprisingly slapped with a libel suit or accused a cybercriminal.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Labour of Love

J and M Wedding Invites


1)       Colour motif is royal blue (with Silver) – I find blue masculine for a wedding
2)      Paper open size is restricted to maximum of A4 as we will be printing digitally, off-set will be too expensive with the quantity required of 130 nos
3)      After choosing from the initial proposed designs, Bride wanted to include their photo (not my specialization)

Final Product

·         Cover   

o    Blue colour boards folded into A5-size portrait, with 2 ends meeting at the centre
o    Die cut with asymmetrical coordinated waves
o    2 diagonal slits to hold loose inserts
o    2 punch holes at the centre to insert danglers 

·    Loose inserts

o    3 pcs loose inserts printed on 250 gsm linen textured white paper
o    Cut smaller than A5 to fit into the cover
o    Inserted through 2 slits, one on the upper left corner and one on the lower right corner

·         Finishing touches put together

o    Pearl-finish paper dangler with rounded corners and one side cut with wave to match the cover, punched at one corner, hung diagonally
o    75mm-thick Silver colour ribbon made into a tiny bow
o    Silver coated elastic cord to hold the dangler and bow, looped into the two punch holes at the cover
o    Silver wedding-themed  accessory hanging from the bow

Labour of love– 10-12 persons working together into production for nearly 5 hours

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Perks of Being 35 (and Single)

  1. It’s legal to drink, there’s rarely a hang over (when you are over thirty) and you can crack a Tequila night anytime.  If drinking does not appeal anymore, it’s because you already lost interest.

  1. No 10pm curfews or little brother hovering when you’ve got telephone calls. Chances are, it’s now mom pushing you to go out on a Friday night.

  1. You can decide how you welcome mid-life (note: life span is now 70):
    1. wake up late and sit with your sorry ass
    2. bring Jollibee to your favourite charity
    3. *pool your single girl friends and get drunk ‘til you pass out
whatever, absolutely whatever!!!

  1. When you go nuts, you can blame your hormones. Just remember to say sorry for losing your tact when you’re back to the usual ‘nice and polite’.

  1. You’ve broken your heart at least once, fallen in love, done embarrassing stuff, said regretful lines or kicked somebody else’s ass. But you’re wiser and alive!

  1. You’ve learned how to cook at least one presentable dish other than fried. Ladies, it will truly be embarrassing if you have not!!!  

  1. You are already more realistic. If not yet, wake up sleepy head. Men are as human as we are, they don’t always come with chocolates and red wines. They sweat when it’s hot, they snore tired or not, you’ll blow each other’s top and they wouldn’t buy your hormonal issues all the time – and you will still love him nonetheless.   

  1. You’re no longer ashamed to say ‘NO’, you choose your battle wisely – knowing when to ignore nonsense or when to stand up when bullied, and  more importantly, you are more comfortable saying what you honestly feel – the last one is hormonal, Google it.

  1. You’ve been there, done that. Nothing much surprises you and there’s nothing much that can disgust you to your stomach, home-wreckers and extreme cases are exceptions of course. 

  1. You’re at age responsible for other people, you stop being selfish. Age brings sense to being a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend, a partner or to some, as both parents to her kids. 
*disclaimer: i don't mean that you do,  i just mean that you can

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Top 10 Practical Benefits of Being Married

You’ll annoy him, he’ll drive you nuts and being married also means additional dirty socks and occasionally finding the toilet seat up, but what is another set of coffee cups to tidy up for lovelier days coming up?

Top 10 add-ons of the matrimonial seal

1)      If you’re slightly embarrassed with your family name taking his would be the chance to glamorize – you can have it hyphenated anyway if it’s otherwise.

2)     His warmth is the next best thing to a good book and hot chocolate on a rainy day or a lazy weekend afternoon you don’t feel going out.

3)     Somebody else can drive to the grocery and pick up butter and capsicum when they ran out or an ice cream pint for a midnight delight.

4)     It’s cheaper - because you have to split the household bill or if he lets you take control of that plastic card, it sounds even better.

5)     You share your assets - so when your laptop suddenly breaks down, you can use his to update your FB stat.   

6)     You can divide the household chores and schedule emptying the trash. If the faucet leaks or light has to be replaced, first aid and help are on hand.

7)     You have someone to zip your dress, fold your sleeves, assure your colours don’t clash and check if you have put on too much blush – because you also have a responsibility to avoid blinding other people with your accessories and make up.

8)     You don’t go home to an empty flat – and if the day has been rough and you just want to cry it out, you have someone to listen to your rants when your girl friend is not around.

9)     You have someone to cuddle at night or curl up with in an early morning a bad dream wakes you up.

10) You’re entitled to a paid maternity leave on your 9th month.   

Friday, June 29, 2012


before you pass on any bills again…

Dear Philippine Government Officials and Lawmakers,

We are Overseas Filipino Workers - WORKERS, WE WORK and WE WORK HARD. Do not rob us more by passing a bill or signing any deal just to make sure your seal and ink dry on the papers and not in the shelves.  

While we are thankful for having secured a tax-free monthly salary for what we have worked for abroad, we are not slot machines where money just rolls out when you spin three cherries.  Yes, we are thankful that we need not to cling to our purses and mobile phones for our lives but how sad is that that we feel more secure on others’ sidewalks than in our own country? Yes, we enjoy safer and faster mode of transports but shouldn’t we have them in a country with tax-paying citizens and considered as 2nd largest recipient of remittance?


·         WE are citizens who have explored the hospitals, lobbies, offices, shops, hotels and etc.. of other parts of the globe because we did not find better opportunities at home and in return endure emotional torture of being away from our loved ones. Apart from the torture of filling up papers upon re-entry and exit in the Philippines which you just throw out in the brown box underneath your table anyway.

·         WE also get sick and we also worry if a family back home is not well. Even if we have our health insurance, we also encounter foreign doctors who hand us weird and doubtful diagnosis or prescriptions. When it’s a new set of vocabularies we heard from physicians and Google makes it scarier, we spend the night wanting to hop on the earliest flight but it is easier said than done.

·         There are places or instances WE experience prejudice and racial discrimination. Okay, this one begins at home – even at some places abroad, Filipinos are divided by dialects or regions. But my point is there will always be something somewhere that is disappointing and privileges we do not enjoy here and not handed freely because we are outsiders and we are workers.

·         WE also work beyond office hours and some, work more than what they have signed for and being paid for because we are dependent on our visas.

·         WE live with weather conditions we are not accustomed to, abide to the country’s laws, miss the food cooked at home and settle for replacements, patronize foreign brands and respect other’s cultures and bend backwards if needed because we are foreigners.

·         WE pay for roof on our heads, for the food on our table, for clothings, for hygiene, even for Filipino channels – we also spend to live and in currency we also earn.

·         Even if you have floods with very little rain, Christmases, birthdays of even mother’s day are different when you are away. Before we knew it, it is only home seeing grays in our parents and in our own head.

·         WE are ‘expats’ in foreign countries, when by misfortune we die abroad, we are being ‘repatriated’.

Increased contributions are not welcome news especially for those who earn just enough to support their family in the Philippines. Just how much are you thinking of to impose each year to OWWA and Philhealth contributions because you claim you have no emergency fund or you have deficit from the previous years? That is with 2.5 million OFWs around the world. Apart from it, there is Php 100.00 POEA processing fee that we pay each time. We wouldn’t mind if by going to POEA, we need not to queue at no. 2,000 and clearance processing is automated. But we have to bear the manual encoding and stamping of forms by the not-so-happy-to-serve-staff and the stinking restrooms. 

We sacrifice and work hard and yes, 'to splurge a little' during the very little time we are home and enjoy our family and loved ones, but not because you picture us with LBC boxes of Spams and Victoria Secret lotions and electronics in airport trolleys mean we live our everyday life like tourists holidaying in Europe or retirees cruising in a ship. So while you take a break from standing as sponsors at wedding pictures, draw bills that improve our benefits and not bills increasing our contributions – that will be more sincere nobility.  

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My slice of heaven


Dubai bound

Beyond that onion-curry-masala-factory scented public transports during summer that you will complain about in Dubai (summer stretches 8 months long and reaches up to 49°C), there are so much in everyday life to love about this city: the cleanliness, the road discipline, the availability of a wide variety of foods etc. Of course, you still have to be watchful for any speeding vehicle that might surprisingly knock you over, which you should be anywhere in the world, but the lighter traffic, dependable Metro (Dubai’s driverless train), designated bus stops and reliable online and phone transactions just make everyday life more convenient in this part of the globe.

snatched somewhere

Ola Manila

The good portion of my early adulthood was generally spent in Manila until I decided to drag my 30-kilo luggage, fly 8 hours and change time zone 4 years ago. And Oh! I so love the Philippine’s busiest city: the anonymity in the university, the busy streets, movie houses, bars, malls, restaurants that can keep you occupied and awake all night. The chlorine-treated water flowing from the faucet, the honking of the rushing vehicles early in the morning and the availability of just any transportation which are unique in the Philippines, they wake my senses into the fast-paced-mode. While the darker side of it also warrants one his own tale of encounter with hold-upers, pick-pocketers and all kinds of easy-money scheming gangs, individuals even police officers, I still love the race and the rush in the country’s capital.

borrowed from: httpwww.panoramio.comphoto51474145

My slice of heaven

But I have my growing up years in the small town in Batangas, somewhere in the southwestern part of the Philippines. Up until spending Christmas holidays requires airplane tickets and management approval, it’s where I spent the holidays and most of my summer breaks. It will always be my home. And from childhood when I used to run around in the streets and during my very limited annual vacation spent, Calatagan will always be my slice of heaven. 

Things I love about small towns and some funny things, at least in my time

  • Before too many options, everything has just a name – It would be the Ate Linda if you need some finger nail pampering or ingrown toe nail relief. It’s first name basis and not some faceless and nameless Ates from the X salons.  Mamay Islaw for some dirty ice cream comfort, Carding for quick shoe and umbrella repair, Pitong or Danica if you want your hair cut or permed… so don’t ever wonder if the girls then looked the same.    

  •  It was in the 80s before the PSPs, easy access to internet and before kids were given liberty to name their pets, the adults have only 4 names for whatever breed: Whity, Blacky, Brownie and Spotty. And every cat in the house is called Muning. 

  • One destination – growing up, there was only one big grocery store in town and quite a few stall owners at the market you would patronize based on your relationship.  So if you say mom went to buy some stuff at ‘Judge’ your nosy neighbor would pick it up where exactly mom was and what time she would be back. 

  •  Everybody is connected, branches of family trees are intertwined. In the 80s, you would know by name and genealogy all the registered voters in the municipality and almost everybody in the Barangay was your relative you almost cannot identify how and you wouldn’t even ask why.

  • You’ve been to same school - they have Montessories now which I wouldn’t be able to differentiate, but back in my time, kids in town went to the same school and played in the same playground. Your mom was classmates with your friend’s dad or your sister was classmates with your playmate’s s cousin, etc… and chances are, you have the same set of teachers for Science, English and Arts.

  • No-fence walls to guard your treasures. It was so easy to crossover your neighbor’s Bermuda grass and easy for moms to gather their skirts, exchange recipes (if ever they do that for simple Pinakbet) and indulge in the latest gossip. 

  •  I’ve climbed roofs, fell from trees and ran on the streets before 6 (pm). So I have the regular childhood of having skinned my knees and got dirt under my fingernails.   While I was not that athletically competitive, I remember by name who my playmates were or better yet, those who never wanted me in their team.

  • I have my distinct Batangas accent if not that thick which I can swiftly discard to be better understood, but trust it is back along with vocabularies only us understand when I meet a kababayan, and we all have a good hearty laugh.

Some people label us ‘probinsyano or probinsyana’ with an air of mocking.  I wonder why? I didn’t see any difference how we explored life, how we chased dreams or how Science explained the evolution of a butterfly and in my small town I had bigger playground while riding somebody else’s bike, we also have  game and watch.  And even if there is any difference, I think I wouldn't mind. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Puppy Love – my great love stories

Getty Images Image

First love, first heartbreaks and the art of letting go, you learn it first from your pets.

Etymology         : Glamourized from the words ‘bad breath’ by my condescending cousins. Forgive them. We were young and they were cruel.
Breed                    : Askal

It was the 80s and I was in the place where summer classes were unheard of. And even if ballet lessons were offered, I wonder if my mom will enroll me. So when I received this pup that summer, it was a delight! It meant permanent playmate. First pet, first love. Barbie accompanied me day in day out even during the very limited time I was allowed to play in the streets. Suddenly I had one to be with me all the time. Only one thing pissing off the adults in the house… all our electric plugs were chewed off… not a single lamp shade was spared. All slippers were marked by her tiny teeth or just anything that she can chew. And the last straw was my grandfather discovering she loved sleeping in his cabinet, in between his clothes. Grandfather has no choice but to put her in chains. And one afternoon after school I found her lifeless with chains around her neck. That was my first heartbreak and I never recovered. 

Etymology         : Size fit for a royalty
Breed                    : TBA (to be asked)

A got sick and King never left A’s room until his recovery. Some kind of a love.

Funny-boned Whity
Etymology         : There were Top 4 ranking dog names in our town before the kids got creative. Whity, Blacky, Browny and Spot, you choose the closest colour, and that’s the name. 
Breed                    : Half-askal Half-unknown

My mom had him for 8 years and they share this love that words are not enough to tell the story. I would refer her as my Mom’s dog. I haven’t recovered from my own loss so there was a distance. He had glorious days though before old age and scabies, but I will remember him most for his anecdotes. One, he almost bit the ‘ding dong’ of our male boarder, which this teacher retorted: “I haven’t even used it yet and you’re chewing it off?” while holding his treasures running for escape. I didn’t remember him getting shots though. Whity would accompany my mom literally everywhere she goes even on Sunday mass that he already got identified with her. On his last years, he developed scabies and did not heal anymore, we advised mom to put him in chains to restrain him from following her in the church as he was already scaring the whole town. And put she did. Only that she chained him in a garden chair made of steel. The opening song has not yet started, but outside the people in our street were waken and scandalized by the sound of the steel chair outrageously dragged by a running dog on his way to the church – on an early Sunday morning. A distant relative from the other end of the block recognized Whity and dislodged the chair from him. The scene ended with my nephew carrying the chair on their way home with all of them laughing so hard they could pee. But that did not make mom love him less. 

 Grabbed from Google

Etymology         : Admirably powder white colour
Breed                    : Japanese Spitz

I would always say this: always relaxed and poised in any situation, there was only one time I saw A panicked – when Sugar got sick. After taking him to small vet clinics near his place she just didn’t get better that made A obviously worried. He eventually decided to take her into an upscale vet clinic that quickly diagnosed her with Pyometra, an infection of the uterus. It was quite a sum he spent saving the dog. Twice I visited her while she was confined to check on her condition. She didn’t recognize me of course, she’s A’s dog. But when A came to visit she turned around as quickly reaching for A’s hand touching the cage. Sensing A leaving, she would make this sound like she was crying telling A how hurt she feels… It was another sense of attachment that you will feel between the owner and the pet and your heart will swell. It was 30 days after, A was reversing the car, didn’t notice she was underneath and the next thing in front of him was Sugar in a pool of blood. The world dimmed.  

Tyra – Starbucks and Lactovital
Etymology         : While sipping coffee at Starbucks
Breed                    : Labrador

The wonder drug Lactobiotic Lactovital. Just when I thought I will never fall again along came this golden lab. It was mine and A’s decision to buy her. What a ‘flirt’ but you will love her nonetheless. She moves, chews and jumps tirelessly that when one day she stopped eating, I was alarmed. I took him to local vet who diagnosed her by looks, no tests at all, uhmm, he took her weight and her temperature, if those count. The next best decision was to take her into a reputable vet clinic in Manila after fever never left her at all. After series of tests she was diagnosed with Dog Parvovirus. She was in IV and confined for a week. Bills hiked up and I just prayed Mom won’t rise from her grave and slap me with senses.  She went home to A’s house with a bag of medicines and etc… she didn’t seem better though except for increased blood count and a new veterinary vocabulary for us. I was looking somewhere for Canines Health Insurance Company. Phew! A’s mom nursed her for a couple of days with meds to be taken every 3 hours and a special diet. Her heart sank seeing nothing improved after another few days. Tyra would just slouch and can’t even bring herself move more than an inch. I learned how to pray earnestly. A’s mom won’t give up though, not ready for the thought of seeing Tyra die in front of her. So she took the matter in her own hands and gave her Lactovital. Each dose or maybe the taste made her scream to her lungs but she continued giving her everyday! Miraculously, she slowly recovered! I was never a fan of supplements, but this story was an exemption and makes A’s mom a Supermom!  

Etymology         : Nowhere or the teleserye maybe
Breed                    : Askal

A love that has suddenly grown. When I took Tyra home Dugong had become suddenly territorial. While he lead the pack of askals in our barangay, he saw Tyra in the light of an enemy and competitor. He did not leave the house for 2 days guarding the kitchen door preventing the pup from getting inside. He would growl whenever Tyra gets close. As if very possessive, he will jump on me and put around his feet around my waist that no other dog can get near. For one, Dugong is quite protective. He would walk with us to the bus station at any hour and won’t walk back home until our own bus leaves. If we go home, he was the first to welcome us jumping on his feet with gladness. I was away from home when he left but it still broke my heart into pieces.   

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

10 reasons I keep falling

Sure, we fight like 2 menopausing old maids forced with each other and ranting our own lists of immature drama as the tiresome of the gulf life sweeps us like sandstorm. You still punch me with lines that send my mercury shooting up, but more often than not, those lines make me laugh hard like mad – well, unless of course, it’s time of the month and my hormones are up. But I’ll be in my walking stick and a blabbering grandma sitting beside you on my favourite rocking chair still smitten, blogging about you.

And the reasons I keep falling over and over again?

  1. You love my friends – as much as I love them, even if I have to drag you to the food court or you have to sit with us for two hours discussing the same thing over and over again.

  1. You stood by me on my ugly days – we have it established, you cannot be my biggest fan. And on days that my looks are cooperative, you would praise several times the wonders of make up. But on months I wore my hair wavy, ugly and big (as well as my waistline) and even the guys made sure of that, you laughed at the same time but you still made me feel it didn’t matter, all was fine. How was that?  

  1. Being surprisingly sentimental – I know that look you wanting to kick my butt hard 3 times when I took all the pleasure in tossing to the garbage bag all the empty perfume bottles and clothing labels you stashed. Yeah, they are yours and I just offered help when you shifted flats, but c’mon what’s with the empty deodorant tube even if it was the first bottle you finished when you came to the UAE? I know, I know, there’s a retribution waiting when you come back.

  1. Being protective – at the end of the day, you want me safely home and in one piece in my shorts and shirts that you hate.

  1. Being my best friend – even if I fail to follow your analogies and the more I am lost when you want to stress a point (I’m operating on a woman’s brain my dear) or I send you a 300+ words message and you say nothing and swiftly shift to the next topic.  

  1. You remember dates and events.  And remember the first time we kissed with flowers.

  1. That we are different – in 50+ and more ways. I’m too careless, you’re too careful, I’m impulsive you’re the contemplative, I’m a laidback you’re athletic and the list goes on. But we are getting the grips of it… while you’re in your rubber shoes and I’m in my strappy metallic slippers.

  1. Loving me in your own way* – and not the way I want you to love me. No traditional Valentine’s dates or that new-couple-honeymoon-stage, no matching outfits on a movie date, mobile uploads or patented terms of endearment, but in your own ways - pure, sweet and sincere.   

  1. Your mom – we’re not shopping buddies (well, not yet ;-)), we don’t spend prepaid cards to exchange cooking tips and gossips, but she raised you well and treats me nicely and with respect even if I wear mini skirts and shoulder-length earrings in my younger days or my outfits used to be out of place at your family dinners.

  1. You’re admirably a man of faith.

 * Assuming it's love, Babe.