Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Perks of Being 35 (and Single)

  1. It’s legal to drink, there’s rarely a hang over (when you are over thirty) and you can crack a Tequila night anytime.  If drinking does not appeal anymore, it’s because you already lost interest.

  1. No 10pm curfews or little brother hovering when you’ve got telephone calls. Chances are, it’s now mom pushing you to go out on a Friday night.

  1. You can decide how you welcome mid-life (note: life span is now 70):
    1. wake up late and sit with your sorry ass
    2. bring Jollibee to your favourite charity
    3. *pool your single girl friends and get drunk ‘til you pass out
whatever, absolutely whatever!!!

  1. When you go nuts, you can blame your hormones. Just remember to say sorry for losing your tact when you’re back to the usual ‘nice and polite’.

  1. You’ve broken your heart at least once, fallen in love, done embarrassing stuff, said regretful lines or kicked somebody else’s ass. But you’re wiser and alive!

  1. You’ve learned how to cook at least one presentable dish other than fried. Ladies, it will truly be embarrassing if you have not!!!  

  1. You are already more realistic. If not yet, wake up sleepy head. Men are as human as we are, they don’t always come with chocolates and red wines. They sweat when it’s hot, they snore tired or not, you’ll blow each other’s top and they wouldn’t buy your hormonal issues all the time – and you will still love him nonetheless.   

  1. You’re no longer ashamed to say ‘NO’, you choose your battle wisely – knowing when to ignore nonsense or when to stand up when bullied, and  more importantly, you are more comfortable saying what you honestly feel – the last one is hormonal, Google it.

  1. You’ve been there, done that. Nothing much surprises you and there’s nothing much that can disgust you to your stomach, home-wreckers and extreme cases are exceptions of course. 

  1. You’re at age responsible for other people, you stop being selfish. Age brings sense to being a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend, a partner or to some, as both parents to her kids. 
*disclaimer: i don't mean that you do,  i just mean that you can