Sunday, October 30, 2011

crazily sane

Whoever invented that Snooze mode in the mobile is a genius. Aww poor me, even dragging myself under the shower in the mornings has become a chore. 

This is really isn't me… Seriously ummmm, me on totally de-bloated hormonal-rage-free days, which means roughly 7 days in a month. *wink*

But in a workplace where the news about employees benefits and annual vacation are more stressful than your job, these crazy cranks make me sane.

Take a bite and indulge:

·    Doing nothing. E.g.: Just stare and stare blankly - on your line of clothes in the clothesline for 3 days and ask if they can't really find their way back into the closet in a neat pile according to their color, classification and length of sleeves. If they can’t, so be it. What’s the pressure for little things if it won’t send you to jail or earn lashes?

·   Unsubscribing to some of FB friends' posts and activities. Admit it, there are people in your FB friends list who by turn of events, you’d like deleted from the list but doing so will be rude, immature or will make you feel bitter, blah blah. But, their every minute posts, quotes, mobile uploads, likes, parinig and etc, just waste the space of your homepage. Some you want deleted in your life but that would be too harsh – because the world does not revolve around your selfish whims. Click unsubscribe button. If you’re comfortable enough block him/her, if that blocked friend finds out and asks, just say: ‘Ohhh, I just deactivated my account. Security threat (ala Kate Middleton), you know’.

·    To just look and say nothing – to people you are already tired of or people whose opinions and stories don’t matter anymore.  Risk looking stupid sometimes than waste your time and emotion. 

·    Try Arabic food or Indian food even if they are served in wide tin plates and you have to eat by your bare hands. Foreigners also wrinkle their nose to our Dinuguans and laugh at our Champorados. You wouldn’t know food by look or by opinions of others. They are not always as bad as their reputations. If you want to spit out on first bite at least you have first-hand account how bad it was to your taste buds. 

·   Doing something unplanned. E.g.: Dip in a pool or swim completely unprepared. 1) Getting home with your completely unruly sun-dried hair and eyebrow-less face will be the day you swear you never want to bump into your boyfriend's ex, but we have to shed off the cosmetics once in a while to have real fun or for the inner beauty (or concealed ugliness) to come out. 2) Getting in the bus with your shirt taking the shape of the wet upper undergarment is laughable but laughing with friends and with one another's bra size is double the fun.

·   Leaving work exactly on time. And leaving the worries and stress by the office door.

·   Doing something just for the pleasure of it - like buying a ring and wearing it while reading a book you also just picked up from the bookstore. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Crazy Crabby Love

A has a drama tolerance of 2 mins… yeah, A is soo back (big grin) and I should say: ‘I should know’. I should know that his tear ducts are clogged, not that we’ll be back annoying each other. 

Two mins max and he will be back to his jovial mood and endless teasing while I am still so absorbed in my hormonal rage. Yeah, making me feel like all the torture that I’ve been going through is imagined while I feel dehydrated for crying. On other cases, he delivers punch lines that could make me burst into tears in a second. That’s his language of love. 

When I retaliate, he would clench his jaws looking like I was a witch on a broomstick who ruined our day. That look on his face like no apology can even penetrate… Tough… Grrr!

So it was no different weekend in the mall except that he knows my week at work had been so awful. And when I say it’s no different, it means inside man’s shops: Nike, Adidas, Sun and Sands and the competitors… or Sharaf DG. 2 to 4 hours watching stuffs move out from the shelves until my lip gloss fades and the tip of my nose shines. 

This time, 2 hours inside Kinokuniya while he contemplates whether to buy the 2011 or 2012 version of this Revit book, buy the thicker (that says complete) or the thinner (that says fundamental) or the 2012 and the other book (well, it’s an engineering or maybe an architectural book, so I didn’t pay too much attention to the nitty-gritty) and decide if he will go straight to Cashier 2 or just purchase online including signing up to 2 online shops that also sell the book. I already read 12 pages of the book that I picked while casting my votes in between. Well, I already learned ways to entertain and amuse myself with the very limited time we can be together.

Finally it was my stop - Candylicious – because there are very few things that can really cheer me up when I’m blue: a pot of spaghetti, candy store and good food

While there I was creating my happy memory of picking a mini-trolley of chocolates and candies A suddenly blurted: “Bilisan natin Kai…”. And so my nostrils flared and my head snapped that made him wish he didn’t open up his mouth. No amount of cajoling could restore my shattered mood until I make him pay. And make him pay I did. And… scroll up Paragraph 3

Grrr! I didn't mean to be mean. It's just that I've waited long enough for that trip to the colouful candy store and machines to completely turn around my week at work, etc... to be fair, he has been trying his best to be as comforting as he can, even if he will punctuate it with a punchline.

From one mall to another, we were making each other’s company a hell. After acting like crazy that makes him feel like strangling my neck, we still ended up sharing a kilo of crab in a mud of salty Singaporean sauce. (To be honest, I wasn’t sure it was really a kilo, only that it says in the menu, or maybe the shells and those legs can really get that heavy.) Then we were suddenly back to talking and laughing like nothing happened. Crazy.

If I’m documenting these memories my love, because you should know, this is also my language of love.

Thank you for making memories worth writing. No matter how crazy.