Saturday, October 17, 2009

why am i not a big fan of fancy weddings?

This is not to mock A’s delaying tactics in exchanging ‘I dos’ fueled by his fear of me sending his happy bachelorhood into a crashing halt. Believe me, I haven’t programmed my married life slapping whoever ended married with me with a marriage certificate signed by 15 pairs of sponsors when he wants his basketball and airsoft sessions uninterrupted with a demand of a can of formula milk. As long as I won’t be called home immediately when a diaper needs to be changed while I am on a night out drinking Heineken on rare occasions, I believe our union is bound to be a jolly ride.

I won’t even require a theatrical ensemble complete with Loboc’s Children’s Choir singing in the background as one pops the questions. And I have trusted best girl friends, I don’t need a diamond to power up my self-esteem.

Why am I not a Big Fan of Fancy Weddings? Because----

- We’re not royalties, not even politicians, what is the 1,000 pax buffet for?

- I don’t have the luxury of time preparing a complete production number for a traditional 2-day event complete with dancing waltz while wearing 20-meters of lace. It’s just too tiring and… completely unnecessary…

- I’ve already ran out single girlfriends, and I can’t imagine their ‘mini-mes’ standing with me when I have the wedding photographs.

- With my relationship to the half of the clan buried along with my adoptive mom, I’m not expecting half of the town witnessing my wedding vows taking place.

- Because I’m realistic enough for the two of us.

- After all, it’s the marriage that is important and not the wedding.

originally posted: august 30, 2008