Saturday, October 17, 2009

on the far side

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Yep, men can really be frustrating at times, like when:

1. your tonsils are out on hysterics and he will just roll his eyes, shake his head and draw his breath, specifically in that order

2. left their manners at home and can’t be punctual and apologetic both at the same time… or;

3. can not differentiate NATURAL from pushed-up, padded, Belo-ed or excess calories-fattened breast… and they turn their heads to the direction when they think you're not looking 

But on the lighter note, while they CANNOT be transformed to being our best girl or gay friend or our biggest fan when we’re PMS-ing or when we are on our drama queen mode, they are admittedly equipped with a few good uses too. Hmmm, like:

· Having someone to interpret the road map for me. This tops the list. Saves taxi fare and saves me from agony. I’m a navigational twit.

· Having someone to do the math faster and more accurately. Unless it’s not more than one thousand amount of bill to foot, my math can’t be trusted.

· Having someone to label and label me mine. To be a woman and undesired is unenviable. Even if he’s Seal and you’re Heidi Klum. Girls, cut the hypocrisy.

· Having someone to hold hands with. The warmth.

· Having someone to kiss and make up with. Sweet…

· Having someone to surprise me with gifts. I love being remembered even with as mundane as corporate pens.

· Having someone to give me flowers. Because I love receiving them more than buying them for myself.

· Having shoulders to rest my head while feasting on cheesy flicks. Their’s are broader and they pay for the ticket.

· Having someone to cry with, laugh with and relive childhood memories.

· Having someone to try fancy restaurants with.

· Having someone to share a mocha frappe or buy me chocolates. Okay… I admit, I have distorted views about romantic relationships.

· Having someone to check if I’m home, if I have had dinner already.. etc… etc… My concepts are shallow at times eh.

· Having someone to remind me that the guys are making boso, staring at my breasts or my skirt is too short. Great!!! (my eyes rolling twice)… after two years, my entire wardrobe is altered… but, contrary to my first belief, I can survive with sleeves and wearing jeans. Shhh… I still keep the denim CK mini skirt.

· Having a reason to rummage at Toy Kingdom or Nike Park

· Having someone to explain what is the ‘drip hold’ for or which direction to loosen a tight screw, for both directions won’t work.

· Having someone to remind me to check my actions and my words. I tend to over react at times.

· Having additional set of sisters and nieces.

· Having someone to stand with me through many storms, floods, smudged mascara, salon-deprived moments and pancit canton days.

· Having someone to blame for getting lost in direction, being late, PMs-ing or just having someone to blame.

· Having someone to carry the grocery bags when they get too heavy. I’m not completely helpless but they just cramp my fashion sense.

· Having someone to remind me how far we’ve gone… then smirk. I enjoy soliciting emotion from a robot.

· Having someone to write and talk about… Because when we all get bored, talks end up to about relationships.

· Having someone to hand me a glass of water after a big fight… The crybaby did not grow up.

· Having someone to legally sniff that male scent. Part-skin, part-perfume… I'm paid being weird.

· Having someone to cuddle when i want to be intimate. Enuff said.

originally posted: june 05, 2008