Saturday, October 17, 2009


the problem with me, is that i'm so easy to fall. like, you throw me a pick up line at a crowded bar and my arms will be around your waist like a wet napkin to cold bottle of beer the entire evening. if you get luckier, you wake up with a continental breakfast in bed - but that is if you senses and ethics have prevailed and managed to stop you from sneaking out after the romp.

this is how big my appetite is. if NOT with men, at least my attitude with my WORK... (because if this is true in relationships, i wonder what my boyfriend would have done)... so now, while the pay i receive from my current work can’t even cover my regular Sun load and other basic necessities, and while taking an FX ride to work has become a luxury after paying my rent and paying up my loans, i fear that i am falling in love again.... whew!!!

should i say 'at least i'm happy' again?

originally posted: september 15, 2006

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