Saturday, October 17, 2009

oompa loompa full moon...


Either it’s the ‘full moon-bug’, midlife crisis, assuming my life expires at 60, or the cyclical hormonal change that bit me. Been days that my pea-sized brain is whining about:

· a boyfriend who wouldn’t marry me until I’m 45 or menopause, whichever comes first. and oompa-loompa lumps are already showing up due to hormonal imbalance.

· deadlines way- way beyond my 9-6 Photoshop editing capacity and downloading stock photos speed.

· sole-responsibility in coming up with a stage design for a high-end event. high- what? the only ‘high’ I care about is a pair of stilettos.

· grinding the skeletons in my closet and my family’s can of worms. and;

· not having the guts to live a life that I want:

§ outside the 9-6 comfort zone above the rate of a newly grad

§ reading romance novels all night, sleeping all day

§ laughing all day long and getting giddy about cheesy flicks – I’m a small town girl and will always be

§ designing accessories or bags or whatever Photoshop Filters free - art is all about getting your hands dirty and finger nails dirty and chipped off. the only genius in digital arts is Adobe

§ operating a B&B or a specialty store, or teaching art & crafts to kids – I’ve long given up pursuing a writing career and well, dreams change depends on what time i hit the bed or the last book i read

§ having a good sex, followed by cuddling and engaging guilt-free and blameless – no one to blame but a shelf of paperbacks... puhlezzzz

§ getting a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolate

§ a home with a chandelier, a swing under the tree near a dirt road and a river

§ wearing toffee lipstick and tank top

§ cooking

and these my pirated DVDs can’t cure.
not that I’m complaining… really…. guess it’s really just the ‘science’ of the moon...

originally posted: october 26, 2007

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