Saturday, October 17, 2009

when temperature rises... hell, i have only two things to be thankful for:

1) my breasts are just "Barely there"; and

2) that deodorant is invented.

from the roots of my straightened hair down to the tips of my toes, i feel the dreadful S-W-E-A-T rolling and causing my migraine, irritation and discomfort to kick up. and out from the comforts of our office, there goes the inevitable circumstances when temperature shoots up like this.

1) everything tastes like cardboard

2) i have to suffer from colds and cough all the time

3) mall is packed with babies crying, kids missing their companions and lots of people taking advantage of the free airconditioning (just like me)

4) skin sticks like Velcro fastening

5) make up lasts only for a couple of minutes

6) hair requires tons of conditioner and other special treatments

7) (and) moving around pumps up my hyperactive sweat glands

and with this humidity, who would think about sex? in an air conditioning-deprived room, Daniel Craig could walk naked around and i wouldn't mind. (okay, okay! that is half a lie, of course i would stare).

originally posted: april 19, 2007

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