Saturday, October 17, 2009



almost inevitably, as an offshoot of my sudden 'idleness', with a wounded pride and a negative cashflow, there is the long list of worries that suddenly piled up, the long-playing whining i subjected my poor boyfriend into, and the art of primetime teleserye-sque complaints to God i have already mastered. just very me.

with much effort to offer me comfort and to haul me up from my insanity, my boyfriend said he cannot make a promise to rescue me from the tangles of worries i create way ahead of time but still he will try the best that he can to help me carry on. poetic though, and my heart could have taken a somersault if i were just in less than appalling situation.

just very him. no promises. no plans. i told myself.

currently working one-ride away from where i stay, he then would show up on my doorstep whenever i'm home and would bring lunch for us to share. then it struck me, what love is on a cloudy rainy day...

originally posted: july 19, 2006

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