Saturday, October 17, 2009

never-ending quest

it had been nine long months, seeming like eternity, of battling to get hold of my sanity that seemed as elusive as the rarest butterfly. and like a quest to a winged creature dabbed with the most exceptional patterns and colors, one can always try breaking all his/her bones and fail miserably...

there are races losable at the middle of the tracks..

so many pains and cries shredding my heart into million pieces. and no amount of compassion, promises nor faith can pick-up and mend the broken bits to get it back to its perfect shape... to make it strong enough to taste the bitter taste of realities nor force it to face the world's sweetest lies with a smile...

now, i'm giving up my battles... my never-ending quest and my heart feels like a barrel emptied upside down...

originally posted: february 07, 2007

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