Saturday, October 17, 2009

NO Sleeves NO Entry


After being ‘sabbatical’ from my obligatory-Sunday-mass in Calatagan, purposefully to avoid the swaging tongues of the townsfolk, I attempted to visit again last Saturday as my parents (the biological set) stood as principal sponsors to a family friend giving away their daughter. Believe me, it wasn’t my brightest idea to act the smartest kid. Missing Christmas and New Years’ eves’ sermons and programs altogether, the only three occasions I remember setting foot in that church within the last 6 years, were:

1) to attend a funeral of my sis’ bro-in-law

2) to stand as a sponsor in a christening; and

3) to burry my mom (the adoptive one).

That morning, I was pushed by my intent to look after my father for gracing that occasion was the bravest thing he dared after having suffered from stroke 2 years back. And knowing how inconvenient the current structure of that church to his health condition, I felt duty-bound to sitting a few pews back in case anything happens.

Five steps inside the gloomy structure with my two younger brothers in tow, I was SENT OUT by a church elder, who is also known to me, FOR WEARING A BACKLESS TOP while pointing to the tarpaulin of “CHURCH NO NO Reminder” at the entrance - and I was attending a wedding. Take that.

Think about your most unpopular Grade 3 classmate being admonished by your terror class adviser for drinking a Zest-o in a Christmas party he did not contribute in.

How splendid!

Indeed, for a local church who has sent away three parish priests within the last ten years.

· one accused of 'tasting' the would-be-grooms before officiating their union

· one made headlines for fathering a baby to a married woman belonging to a wealthy clan; and just recently

· one for being caught playing tong-its (outside the church premises) several times and for committing some other offenses, (he also brilliantly authored the NO Sleeves NO Entry policy.)

I think this sending away has already become a habit of those who have not sinned…

originally posted: june 02, 2008

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