Sunday, February 24, 2013

Chocolates & Crafts

Project 1            : Christmas Tray of Goodies

Description        : Holiday corporate give away
Size                          : Various Sizes
Challenges          : 1. Must be elegant while practical
                                        2. Limited options for Christmas ornaments in the UAE – store-bought is just  too expensive

Materials used  :
·         Trays  in various sizes, gold or silver in colour

·         Christmas colour fabric ribbons – at least 2 colours as per your colour motif, 6 - 7cm in width, length will vary depending on your bow style

·         Red and gold Christmas balls – in various sizes and pine cones

·         Glue gun

·         Silver or gold soft metallic wrapper

·         Double sided tape

·         Craft wire or any similar soft wire 

Procedure (and practical tips):

·         Make large bows from the ribbons. Use craft wires to secure, lock and put together the ribbons and bows. Using craft wires will also help you tie, stretch and style the bows easily. There are various kinds that you can try. Make at least one of gold and red bows and put them together. I find big ribbons more appealing as they give the hampers more character.

·         Place accordingly in the corner of the tray and add balls and pine cones using glue gun. Target areas where glues will be hidden. For larger trays, add a few more balls at the opposite corner. Be careful not to overdo your accents though. Also, work on the combination of matte and glossy – make sure they don’t clash.

·         Fill the bottom of the tray with soft metallic wrapper as base. Use glue gun to hold it in place.  This will fill the space and elevate the chocolates when placed.

·         Put double-sided tape to the whole surface where chocolates will be placed. Leave them for a few minutes or what I did, I lightly wiped some parts of the surface with a damp cloth so it will not be too sticky. Chocolates should be lightly adhered only to the base otherwise, wrappers get stuck on the surface – ugly and messy.  

·         Time to put the chocolates. Group according to size and wrapper, it will be easy on the eyes. I put bigger ones on edges so they can also support those smaller once at the centre. Don’t forget the gift card.  


  1. I thought these crafts would only be appropriate for the Christmas season but hey, anyone who's fond of decorating the home with cutesy designs and decors can make use of these instructions any day.

  2. very creative! if done in smaller size, it can be a perfect giveaway for birthdays too :) thanks for sharing!

  3. You are a very resourceful person to use only these materials to create this good looking giveaways. Those goodies will look more delicious because of the way they are presented.

  4. You have great work of arts here. Ribbons, Crafts and Chocolates combine them all together is what we called PERFECTION! Ribbon symbolizes UNITY. Crafts symbolizes UNIQUENESS. Then added by CHOCOLATES means SWEETNESS and LOVE. PERFECT!

  5. This is a great Christmas goodies. Will try this when the season comes. :)

  6. This would be a nice gift for Christmas and also very creative.

  7. This is a good presentation in a yuletide season. amazing how simple stuff turns nice with a little imagination.

  8. a very nice one to share as a gift to anyone we loved. .

  9. I will be happy to receive your gift any time of the year. I am posting this blog at Chocoholics Philippines Facebook page. Hope to see you there. :)

  10. A Chirstmas craft, I bet not, pwede ito kahit anong special occasion.

  11. Why didn't I see this before? I so love arts and crafts. I have a nice tray here waiting to be decorated on Christmas. Thanks for sharing. :)

  12. Those are pretty crafts. I am one of the unlucky ones who has no talent when it comes to crafting.

  13. These would make pretty gifts a couple of months from now.

  14. That is one golden hand to make such a great handicraft. Wish I can make the like of them.

  15. Thanks for the DIY tips. Not only useful for Christmas, but for other special occasions as well.