Sunday, February 24, 2013

Doves for Dedication

Project 2              : Dove soaps give away

Description        :  For Baby Gale on her Dedication
Discoveries        :  Convenience of Japanese stores (like Daiso, Japan Home and the likes)
Challenges         :  1. Innovation, again, lack of crafts supply in the UAE
                                        2. Precision, as I was working with paper. It will look messy when paper has gone through too many folding.

Materials used  :
·         Dove soaps (small ones)

·         Tempura paper (19.7 cm x 21.8 cm) – choose the pattern with shimmering strands, it works best for wrapping

·         1.6 cm width pink and 1.2 cm silver ribbons

·         Accents : Rose buttons and pastel colour rose accents  

·         Craft glue

Procedure (and practical tips):

·         Tempura papers lining: 1 sheet cut into 3, to be used as lining or initial wrapping of the soap. The width should just be enough to cover the soap from end to end. Secure the lining with craft glue.

·         Actual wrapper: wrap the soap like wrapping any gift. This is the best wrapping technique considering the shape of the soap. You might need to cut a few centimeters of excess paper on one side so it will be in exact size with provision to folding and pleats if you want. Pleats will add texture and layering before placing the ribbon and accents.

·         Wrap around with ribbon on top of the pleats. Layer the 2 ribbons with the wider one underneath. Use craft glue in securing the ribbon ends.

·          Attach the rose accents on upper right corner giving allowance for the label. For button like accents, you can attach it by inserting the uppermost ribbon in the holes. For regular rose accents, you can simply glue them.

·         Attach the label and it’s ready for drying. 

*** credits to Mommy Yin for the soap idea