Thursday, November 15, 2012

Top 10 Reasons It Is Wise to Know When to Shut Up

Poor you if you’re caught on video ranting. The world is completely turned around on you and the next thing you knew is your poor accent is mocked. You are judged, sized up and condemned by Facebook users – completely unaware that the way they react and comment mirrors what exactly what they strongly disapprove of. You shot stardom along with the bad reputation (thanks to the amateur video of a 'concern' passerby).  

Let’s face it, the world is filled with highly-opinionated creatures and we are inclined to babble non-stop until we get what we want or we get tired. Simply, we think that it is the world’s obligation to hear and listen to us and abide by our standards. But of course the world would not.

Thus, it is wise to learn when to shut up. There are battles best won with a smile. And if a smile is hard to crack, take defense instead by biting your tongue.

Why it’s wise to know when to shut up?

1)             Not all battles are worth fighting, not all issues are worth commenting, not all arguments are worth winning and not all people are worth talking with. If it will cause more damage in the relationship than mending, think which is more worth-keeping.

2)            Smiling it away just puts bully off guard.

3)            When it comes to gossipers, the best defense is cutting ties. If your passion is different, find the like minded fellas. Life will be more peaceful and relaxed. If by any chance you’re the current talk-of-the-town, don’t worry, all whispers die down when there’s a new headline.

4)            Truth has its way of coming out. Sleep well, sweat not.

5)            Heard about less talk less mistake? Especially if the topic is not your niche. Silence is better than plagiarism.

6)            You learn a lot from listening.

7)            When emotions are at rage, you feel and think differently. Most of the time, you’ve already said the regretful lines before your senses knock you up. Fights end up you taking all the blame even for the oil price hike. Bad.

8)            Choosing what you hear is healthy. Or if you want to window shop uninterrupted by insistent staffs wanting to touch your hands, there is a facial expression called blank stare, try it. There are just 2 downsides: either they will think you are possessed or crazy, but they will give up.

9)            In the end, all the negative things you say against the person are used to measure you up. It is doing you more harm than the one you back stab.

10)        It is safer to live in the Philippines – at least you won’t be surprisingly slapped with a libel suit or accused a cybercriminal.

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