Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Red Tags - Top 10 Drawbacks of Online Shopping

Single, working and tired at the end of the day I always have the reason to run to the mall.

I have all the reasons from catching up with the girls to dinner cravings – except shopping. I dread the thought of going to the mall and purposely getting something. The process of having to go visit several shops and get specifically what I have in mind – it just takes too much of my time. Then getting disappointed Size 6 shoe is out of stock or that Size 6 is not standard. The long queue is another thing (impatient eh!). With my 5-ft frame I get swept by throngs of eager shoppers and their shopping bags during Dubai shopping seasons.

On most occasions, I end up empty handed with what I need to buy and excessively spend on my favourite shops. It’s too late before I realize I overstocked of body butters and shower gels. And every so often, I end up purchasing something that I will regret before the train gets to the first stop - it’s just that I get so weak in the knees with the sight of oh so tempting 'blings' dangling in front of me and all reasons are rolling in my mind why I deserve another reward then feel guilty.

With that established, it’s easy to explain why I got hooked with online shopping. Well, if not entirely hooked like a bratty shopaholic, at least lured into shopping unplanned and on a regular basis while wriggling my toes underneath my office table. The greatest convenience is I just can do it anytime of the day in between and while taking calls and sipping my green tea. Strategically-sized discount tags popping up in my inbox in the middle of important mails. Discount marks that psyche one into thinking he/she is saving instead of spending – tsk! tsk!

Who would have predicted online shopping will be as common thing as Facebook readily accessible as long as you have an e-mail ID? But there are also drawbacks to the convenience of shopping on a click.

1)       The Facebook Profile Pic Shock – you fell in love, you clicked ‘buy’, when the package arrived, the actual is a far cry of what is advertised. #sobs

2)      The morning after regret – you gave in, probably because of the hormones raging, when everything else subsided, you received the sms and the amount is deducted from your available limit. You ask yourself: 'Oh boy! Did I really make that unnecessary purchase again?' Then it’s too late.

3)      ‘Til death do us part – if he snores, you have to live with that for the rest of your lives, annulment is more expensive at this stage. Somewhere in the links you are too lazy to click says refund will just be a headache, they will be ‘glad’ to give you that as store credits instead. Fine print: you’re stuck with your purchase.

4)       Along came Mr. Wrong – and you’re just too excited dear Mr. Aramex finally came knocking at your doorstep and surprise!!! It’s 2 left shoe in the box or not the item you paid for. If it’s their mistake, they can exchange, you just have to wait for another day. However if the item has to be shipped from somewhere, you have to wait for another 3 weeks. #goodluck!

5)      Long engagement – you stare at your ring and the stone stares back, sometimes you ask: will my order ever come?

6)      Online shopping is to online dating as actual shopping is to actual dating, to real shopaholics nothing substitutes the joy of the real thing.

7)      Authenticity check – what an extravagant savings even mom is impressed. But as you cannot feel or sniff, authenticity cannot be guaranteed. #megawatt doubt

8)      The lies, the scams – they lurk in legit sites, sweet ramblings, roses at hand, they get you into thinking the business exists and after you send your money they’re gone as fast.

9)      Communication – the lack there of and you feel hurt and ignored. 1) line always busy, 2) you were kept hanging, 3) can’t give the real stat, 4) the standard dialogue and lies, 5) etc… etc... - and you are raised to a full scale war.

10)  Hit and miss – you’ll only find out how it fits on first date.