Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Top 10 Practical Benefits of Being Married

You’ll annoy him, he’ll drive you nuts and being married also means additional dirty socks and occasionally finding the toilet seat up, but what is another set of coffee cups to tidy up for lovelier days coming up?

Top 10 add-ons of the matrimonial seal

1)      If you’re slightly embarrassed with your family name taking his would be the chance to glamorize – you can have it hyphenated anyway if it’s otherwise.

2)     His warmth is the next best thing to a good book and hot chocolate on a rainy day or a lazy weekend afternoon you don’t feel going out.

3)     Somebody else can drive to the grocery and pick up butter and capsicum when they ran out or an ice cream pint for a midnight delight.

4)     It’s cheaper - because you have to split the household bill or if he lets you take control of that plastic card, it sounds even better.

5)     You share your assets - so when your laptop suddenly breaks down, you can use his to update your FB stat.   

6)     You can divide the household chores and schedule emptying the trash. If the faucet leaks or light has to be replaced, first aid and help are on hand.

7)     You have someone to zip your dress, fold your sleeves, assure your colours don’t clash and check if you have put on too much blush – because you also have a responsibility to avoid blinding other people with your accessories and make up.

8)     You don’t go home to an empty flat – and if the day has been rough and you just want to cry it out, you have someone to listen to your rants when your girl friend is not around.

9)     You have someone to cuddle at night or curl up with in an early morning a bad dream wakes you up.

10) You’re entitled to a paid maternity leave on your 9th month.