Monday, October 4, 2010

dip it!

Forest’s mom said that ‘Life is like a box of chocolate…’ but to those who delight in the sound of the crunch than the high of the sugar ‘Life is also like a bag of chips’.

1. Until you open it, you won’t taste it. If you don’t live it, you wouldn’t enjoy it.

2. It can be made more special by an assortment of dips. Want it hot, chunky, beefy or with guacamole? Even with a cup of melted chocolate if you wish. A lot like your existence, made more colourful by the layers of experiences.

3. It is stamped with manufacturing and end dates. Aren't we? And the ‘best before years’ are always before the expirations dates.

4. It comes with nutritional facts. You know what it’s made up, you know what it lacks. Stop whining for what is missing, life offers options to make it interesting. 

5. It is best enjoyed with a glass of ice-cold Coke. Makes it more health hazardous when abused. So some pleasures and the habits gone bad - dangerous.

6. When it comes to flavour, you always prefer the natural than the artificial. The breasts, the eye lashes and the friends. And you know when they are fake.

7. Packaging is advertising, even the name you are called prompts the recall. But still the character is the real deal. 

8. You savour each morsel, you don’t rush it. It’s not chips eating contest, so is life not a race. 

9. Life does not end with a cracked chip. A serving is only perfect in pics. You have a choice to disguise, hide or flaunt it before the camera clicks. But you have to live with it.

10. Grind the dippin’with friends, with loved ones. Simply, sharing makes life more fun.