Wednesday, October 27, 2010

To Beauty and Butterfly


I’ve long waited for my wings to spread
Sing in the dew as the morning breaks
As the promise of a new day blooms
Peeping through the crack of my sealed cocoon

In the protective shield I was kept
From a contented caterpillar feeding only in greens
Forcefully wrapped to the moth of pupal casing
Resisting to change my order of things

Seeking refuge from cushion of leaves
Entwining to vines, refusing to surrender
Weakened by cuts, bruises and blisters
Until an end has come, there was no way but bend

Outside my child the storms will come
The strength you built is just a mirage
Whatever I am taking has a great reward
When you completely surrender to my perfect plan

You will resist for you are made that way
You will break your legs and commit mistakes
But when I am your shelter” He promised,