Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sweet Randomness of November

Among other things that make me weird is dreaming of what makes my MOST ROMANTIC WEEKEND DATE - that is over a non-glamorous styro of McDonalds breakfast  with Ronald  McDonald looking over my shoulder. It’s having to sit in my pambahay clothes, no-makeup-just-washed-my-face-and-brushed-my-teeth look while having hearty laughs waiting for sunshine – seeing beyond the drama of the ceramic-ironed hair and candlelit glow over dinner. 

And the thought stirred the sweet randomness of my November while waiting for my choco mousse at Spinneys.

·         Mega breakfast at Coco’s – One-tenth of the meal is GREASE, nonetheless there is something about big breakfasts with friends after the Friday service peppered with good conversation that is heavenly (and having cash to spend on a bag you’ve been eying on makes weekend mornings at DXB even superb). 

·         Holiday getaway in Ajman – the not so long drive in the afternoon, the hotel room that allowed me to breathe and roam around barefooted, clean sheets, spacious bathroom and again, buffet breakfasts... when the most that my amiability can afford is as small group as it can get and not much explanation is required for them to let me be. And yeah! The 2-piece stripes swimsuit ;-).

·         Niceness. I’m in the process of growing up and acting my age. And one of those steps is a business with one person whom I wasn’t able to treat quite nicely in public as it seemed all eyes were on us, waiting for our facebook relationship status to change from single to in a relationship (with each other). I had to apologize for acting like 12 instead of 32 and not because we did not end up with each other as it is quite obviously a blessing to him to have ended up with a nice girl he deserves. At the end of the conversation he still sent me the most sincere sms I’ve ever received that made me see a thoughtful person beneath the ego my immaturity has bruised. There are still nice men simply because they are nice.

·         Colour me lovely – there are girls who get it on with their hair when things are bad, when frustrated or simply when bored – I’m one of them. I have photographs to testify having my hair chopped off from super long to super short during my teens and my 20’s. End result: Panic buying of hair treatment products and 1.8 Liters of Pantene Conditioner. Because frankly, it looks like a wig and I can’t have it rebonded due to hair colour. But I’m loving the big-wig look… Hhmmmm.

·         My stash of books gathering ‘sand’ by my bedside… Ask my mom, it isn’t me.

·        Receiving calls from my mom. It’s the joy of rediscovering my mom… because we were robbed off of that right. And they are overseas calls she’s spending on for chit chats… =)

·         A job for Bubbly. A testimony of God’s goodness all the time.

·        Wiggin’ out, Hattin’ up night for Beauty’s birthday… walang humpay na tawanan at kababawan 'til midnight with the Grease Gang.

·        Twenty-minute wait for my choco mousse at Spinneys after obsessing about it for days. It was a crazy hectic week – weeks at work to be more apt: working ‘til no one can reply to my mails anymore, last minute media bookings and cancellations, etc… etc… then a Family Day preparation for the church, a night with Beauty and gatherings here and there – the thought of choco mousse feels like a soothing balm and a sports massage to my muscle pain.   And tonight a kabayan was so sweet to prepare me one as all on display was finished. It was still frozen when I got home. Nonetheless, the first bite of the chocolate-packed goodness was worth the wait, enough to cap my sweet November.

·         Snowflakes.

Who says life has to be grand?


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