Monday, December 6, 2010

Top 10 Reasons Why I Love You

We’ve been too long far apart by heart. (Oh please don’t put up that frown.) Sharing bed, sleeping side by side but never bothering to say ‘hi’ or kiss each other goodnight. But believe me baby when I say, ‘how I long to be alone in your enveloping arms’ and put up that DO NOT DISTURB sign.

Sure you’ve given me black eyes, but we know together we are good. Not even complaining if I haven’t touched you in a while or I haven’t got beyond the 12th page of the same title 3 times, that there you are left alone gathering ‘sand’ by my bedside.

Oh my precious books, simply between us:

1.    Age doesn’t matter – you did not judge me if I read Mills and Boon when I was eight and keep coming back to My Little Prince in my 30’s and most importantly, you won’t ask why am I not married on first meeting.  

2.    No issues about the past – No one cares and no one talks who owns you first or who owns you last. Even if I picked you up from the second-hands’ rack or you’re a hand-me-down.

3.    You don’t complain – about my cooking, or even if we only have Coke and chips all day or that we’ve been lying for 12 hours and I haven’t brushed my teeth. (Yeah, that’s gross.)

4.    You won’t say I am fat or that my hair is big on a regular basis. Not that I’m weight-obsessed, but puhleeezzz, I don’t need to be reminded of what a weighing scale and a mirror can clearly say.

5.    I can always get back on my favourite lines and you never get tired.

6.    You didn’t call me a bitch when I was sidetracked – when I had all my time with Facebook or when Wikipedia snatched my attention and time.

7.    No miscommunication issues. I can believe what I want to believe. When you get me lost: Hello Thesaurus. And even if I nag at you at 3 am, you won’t take that against me; simply you understand that I’m also crazy when my hormones are up.

8.    You don’t control me, overanalyze me or get back to me and tell me: I told you so. And you don’t require explanations when I make mistakes. You just let me be.

9.    Unconditional love - you make me cry, you make me laugh and you don't ask anything in  return even if sometimes I don’t remember all, I can’t recall word for word, sometimes it seems nothing was retained in my mind at all, even if it slips me who is the author.   

10.  Cheating allowed. If I want to know the how the story ends, I can always peep at the last page, saves me from disappointments, saves me big time from heartaches.