Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Making peace with the past

Someone posted your photographs before your nose job and you breaking out in hysterics untagged yourself seconds after they hit FBs news page. In between gasps, you sweat and wait for other 'blasts of the pasts' to show up. And only if you can untag those other friends or unfriend those in the tag especially the culprit.

But the truth is you cannot run away from the past.

You cannot simply bury those spiraled gigantic photo albums your mom has sweetly compiled from your first haircut to your college graduation or feed them to termites.

Why one should make peace and embrace his/her past?

·         So it won’t show up in your nightmares – or screw up your future, as an adage goes.

·         It’s natural. Not everybody has that straight, smoothly paved, unblemished past. So after the laughter died down at reunions or drinking sessions because of your blunder or missteps, one will give you a pat on the shoulder and say: “Welcome to the club!”.

·         Because it involves other people - maybe a family, a relative, a friend or someone you shared with hundreds of dinners, mocha frappes, Lucky Me Pancit Canton and your monthly salary.

·         Because the world does not revolve around your own selfish whims. So stop thinking you were the only one hurt, you were the only one mistreated… etc… etc… it’s just so pointless, selfish and immature.

·         Because you cannot heal only from the outside. Some truths and wounds need to be visited to be mended. It’s not just the effect that needed fixing, sometimes it is the cause that needs to be resolved.

And trust me, it won’t kill you. So learn and let go.



  1. true...instead of hating the past, lets be friend with it.
    We are who we are now because of our past :)

  2. Yeah, Jen... :) a blessed and blissful 2011 for you... :)