Saturday, January 29, 2011

cushioned landing

But the heart cannot be confused. And the truth cannot be twisted. Even the exhaustion of the living daylight blurs the lines between love and logic - or pride or holding on or longing or familiarity or frustrations or responsibilities or fear, etc... Or guilt or blame towards yourself keeps you awake at night. Because after you stepped in to the ebb of make-believes, to make the story ends the way the pen wishes, the truth kicks your ass up at wee hours of the morning and you cannot drag yourself back to bed again.

At some point, you have to get out of the dark and face your greatest fear. And if the end it happened like you have feared, yes at first you will be shaken, but you will know that the biggest part of it was just imagined. Because what is meant, is meant to happen. After turbulence has raged havoc and your feet are back on the ground, you thank God for knowing your heart, for making you stand for the consequences of your actions, for helping you let go of your pride and for dropping you with a cushioned landing amid the chaos. 

Not every relationship has a Hollywood-couple-getting-divorce saying the decision is mutual and they remain friends. That’s a crap but there’s nothing to be guilty about. 

In the end, the best things are: you learned, you broke free from the grips of fear and you surrendered to God’s will. For all the emotional slavery you have tangled yourself with and string of events you have no control of only God has the answer. 


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