Sunday, March 20, 2011

me and my tree trunk skin

My work station right now is a mess and I won’t be surprised if one morning an Anaconda will uncurl to say ‘Hi!’. Promise, I don’t want to rant and I am taking this as a long and fruitful test of patience and endurance.

These are just precious pre-requisites to adulthood which I skipped before… the art of controlling emotion… the science of stretching patience and the practice of controlling your voice when you’re about to cry with frustrations with the boss, suppliers and clients harassing you like you’re a sponge bob or a fast food counter order taker.

Waahhh!!! Sniff, sniff… I’ve been spending credits just to tell my ate that I’ve been so exhausted day in day out at work, which to it she just replied: ‘so ang pangit mo na?’ hahaha because there are days that I don’t even remember to put on moisturizer.   

I’m a bag of mess: 

  • my face now resembles to the skin of a tree trunk – trust me, I am scared myself
  • when I look at myself, I see a raccoon
  • and where am I getting these facial rashes? – or I just thought I never had them before? hehehe
  • my red nail polish has 2 mm gap from the roots. Cheap.
  • I don’t have a social life at all anymore, I even missed birthdays

To top it all, I didn’t even have the time to remember *tweedledee* and *tweedledum* being swallowed by the rabbit hole apart by 5 days. Imagine that!?! Which to a close friend I heard myself asking:  Did I really just imagine the confusions I entangled myself with? Or maybe this is the bitter me… nah, I guess the exhausted OFW me…   The truth now?

·        A massage would be heavenly

·        An uninterrupted sleep will be precious

·        A hot oil treatment will be blissful

·        Yeah, a rom-com movie on a day off will be divine

·        A morning getaway - PRICELESS...


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