Tuesday, January 7, 2014

6 probable reasons you (book lovers) missed your hero in real life

– or took long to find that ‘One’

1 - You were reading Twilight instead of partying on a Friday night so you missed your Edward but never mind.

2 - You fell in love with Mr. Darcy, but he existed in eighteenth century.

3 - You wouldn’t want one less than Nicholas Sparks’ next inspiration or one who wouldn’t meet up Judith McNaught’s expectations – you forgot they are fiction

4 - Human-beings can get disappointing, boring, annoying etc… etc… the Superheroes? They are just perfect --- and you end up all alone waiting for your knight in shining armour or a caped hero to save your day if not  the world.

5 - There are just too many books, too little time. Too many to fall in love with, it’s difficult to pick just one. Err, are we talking about choosing a book date for Valentine? Top 10 Reasons Why

6 - Didn’t Jane just live happily even after with Mr. Rochester? --- for the life of living in the last book you've read.


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