Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Top 8 ways in making it a lovely ride… on Trains

we are all *** card users and just sharing a public transport. Thank heavens they have really made our life so much easier and made it possible for us to be in 4 malls in one day cheaper and faster. But when rush hours come and our survival instinct is up or we are so engrossed with the music accompanying us, we tend to forget about how to be more considerate with other people and make their lives easier as well not only ours.   

Top 8 ways to be ‘nicer’ on trains or any other shared-public transports

1)      Please fold your baby strollers… especially during rush hours. I understand you are a parent but they are ‘heavy-duty’ or industrial type and you carry 2 with you and other people also need to take the Metro.

2)     Please observe hygiene and respect: do not pick your nose/ear, clip your nails, pluck nose hair and then hold in the poles. We all know it happens but it is worse when we can see them.   Please also remove your shoes and wiggle your toes when you reached home.

3)     Queuing is a sign of discipline, being cultured and civilized. If you don’t do that especially on train doors, facility entrance or top up machines, please google what is the opposite of the words. We all want to be home early or reach our destination fast and ‘untouched’.

4)     Gossiping is bad enough (guilty as well)… more so when done inside the public transport in a very loud manner everybody else hears what are your workmate’s affairs.  

5)     Everybody wants to be comfortable or safe while enjoying the Dubai cityscape along Sheikh Zayed, but please share the STEEL POLE. DO NOT LEAN like you were at home sitting in your sofa. Hugging it is also selfishness.

6)     If you have big hair that has gone unwashed for days or even just newly shampooed, it will be sweet if you tie it during the ride. It is big and in a jam-packed Metro no one wants to be brushed by it or caught between them while you head-wiggle, side-sweep it, laugh, shake or move your head at every stop.   

7)     If you don’t want us to watch you, please avoid PDA with girly giggling. In a place where it is not allowed and reminders are all over, it will not be helped if we begin talking about you, smirk on you or roll our eyes. You are awakening the green-eyed monsters in us.  

8)     I don’t blame your genes they gave you wider hips, the issue is you don’t want to move out of the door and you are 8 stops away. Oh! Please do not block the drive w ---err the doorway.  


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