Monday, November 9, 2015

DIY Christmas Ornaments

 it's beginning to feel like Christmas.

 So I decided to sit down and refashioned my old bangles into Christmas ornaments!

For the materials, I just used my old metal bangles since I have plenty of them which I don't see myself wearing anymore. Actually, they were all from my sister that it took long for me to put them into 'to let go' bags. 

I just formed a ball using 3 similarly designed and sized bangles and secured the top and bottom with metallic wrapped copper wires. I was planning to put actual Christmas balls inside but found some pearls and other metal accessories and gave it a try. They turned out fine though. I also used nylon strings for the danglers inside so it will be clean.   

... and tadaaaahh!!! the finished product, to my heart's delight.

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