Sunday, March 13, 2016

For Every Woman

image is not mine (ctto)

whether single or married
Who is a partner, who chose to be alone
Who broke her heart, who is engaged
Who loved most and loved bravely and who loved in hiding

Who miscarried, who is a mother
Whose joy is abrupt or loss is recurrent
Who endured labour, who went to C-section
Who has regular PMS or those which all days are the same

Who is dependent, who is both the parents
Who are mothers to nephews, nieces and those who surrogate, adopt and foster
Who is a breadwinner, who is a homemaker 
Who is the Lady Boss, who is competitive, who chose to submit 

Who has obvious pains, whose scars are hidden
Who breaks the roof when she laughs, who covers her mouth when she giggles
Who is a daughter, the youngest or the eldest
Middle or the only girl

To one who is a sister, a friend, a carer by choice, by profession or by volunteerism
For one who is almost one and all

And judged for not being

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