Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What girl friends do better than boyfriends

Keeping our girl friends is like carrying around our Kikay pouch – we know a sewing kit is at reach when we need a fix – or when a day simply needs a swipe of a lipstick.

I don’t mean I need/want/love a man less, I just know which stuffs are best done with and expected from BFFs, girl friends, sisters or even from the OB Gyne. Nor I don’t blame men for not being his girlfriend's or his wife’s biggest fan at the time of PMS-ing. Ladies, the way men’s and women's brains are wired, that is a role of a girl friend.

Thus, as much as it is movie-portrayed romantic having programmed our weekends joined by the hips with our boyfriends from the barber shop to the bar b q party, we also need to keep our calendars free for our sorority sisters and let the boys out with their drinking beer buddies. It’s healthy and sanely.

As there are things us being girls and loving mini-skirts can do better like: 

  • Shopping for bags, shoes and etc… 

…we never get tired until we find the perfect match and it doesn’t matter if we hop on to ten shops or we have to search for that specific shade of tan (granted there is a pantone assigned). We all know our brothers and boyfriends are for shopping electronics and explaining the processors and the special features or for carting those Ikea’s building blocks. 

  •  Rom-com movie marathons
… we laugh, we cry or both at the same time, blush or giggle like teenagers at sleepovers when Edward Cullen first kissed  Bella Swan. Who cares? We are entitled acting half our age in the name of love – at least when we are around our best girl buds wearing our Powerpuffs. And we will not ruin the mood having the bored and snoring bears around.

  • Girls’ talk
…from make up to the latest leopard print pumps, from gossips to completely nonsense, we all talk nonstop and altogether at the same time, a hundred of body  issues within half an hour. Yeah I know, only us can follow the swift shifts of topics in a single row. Try this with men and they are lost at mid-sentence.

  •  Powder room and girls’ stuff
..when we need to hourly retouch, change our make up from day to night, grab a drink when our gold fish dies, when we need to just feel beautiful when dumped, why we have to wear sky-high heels even if they are killing us or simply why we have to go to the ladies room several times and etc.:… – these we don’t need to explain to our gal pals, we don’t even have to ask twice.

  • Understanding PMS
…hormones, dysmenorrhea, migraine or the importance of napkins with wings. When the drama queen mode strikes, our female colleague just knows it’s time of the month and she will not take is against us. We don’t need a debate, we don’t need an argument. Tantrums vanish along with the breakouts. Men?  They will simply dismiss it on us on watching too much of Kim Kardashian, or worse they are ranting their own list of complaints before ours just starts.


  1. i see this in my girl friends!

  2. Girls will always have common interests with other girls that make them a lot better than boy friends in this area and vice versa, Guys also has guy things that make them better than girl friends in that aspect.

  3. all so oh so true! nobody can understand you like your girls can. even without saying a word! :)

  4. Can I say, birds of the same feather? Kidding aside, things like these may also be talked about with the boyfriends. Not that detailed but at least they get warned. From a guy's point of view, women can be a puzzle to read at times.

  5. "Girls will always have common interests with other girls that make them a lot better than boy friends in this area and vice versa, Guys also has guy things that make them better than girl friends in that aspect."

    Haha. Yeah. I highly agree. Though there are girls who do the ones stated above, loving their girl friends more than their partners, however, when it comes to the boyfriend hanging out with his friends, the girl would usually make the man choose between her or his friends. It's unfair, I think. And this is really true, to most, if not all.

  6. Hear Hear! I definitely agree on all of your points.. :) This actually made me miss my own gf's.. time for some bonding sesh soon. :)

  7. That is why girlfriends are indispensable.

  8. We can always count on our girlfriends. We know each other very well even if we don't talk.

  9. i agree indeed! my husband told me that guys are problem solver! they don't shop like girls! o finding girls around the neighbourhood that can be with you thru your emotional times is really great! xx

  10. girls have unending topics to talk on and they can go for hours. my bestfriend is a girl and we talk a lot about anything under the sun. :)