Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I slept in chaos

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and did not die.

Bullet #1: I always want my stuff in neat pile, according to size and colour even according to frequency of usage if applicable. 

We moved again somewhere in downtown - the second time within the month of January. As the cabinets are yet to be delivered and assembled we have no choice but leave the stuff the way they were tossed inside the room. Right now, it would be fun to engage the kids into ‘find my…’ game with the 4 overstuffed luggage, Balikbayan box, tool boxes of accessories, frying pan and thongs and assortment of paper bags sloppily spread all over the new room.

Bullet #2: And the stuff I accumulated is massive – tsk, tsk, for one whose status is single and whose salary affords only the convenience of sharing the room (or as we call it here ‘partition’) with a friend.

As I’ve said long time back, I spend my money on happiness – so they are in the accessories, collectibles, consumables, garbage, dust and etc... that surprised me I have stashed somewhere and require a 3-door closet, additional chest drawers, side tables, shoe rack and kitchen cupboards for me to have peace of mind.  As I fumbled around to look for the panty liner, rubber slippers, a new towel and etc... to get started this morning, I was greeting each box, plastic bag and drawer with: ‘hello happiness!’, ‘hello happiness!’. Nice. I have to pass on the cotton buds though, because the lights were off and I can’t find the switch – well, if in case you find that interesting.

Good thing, I’ve already sent home my books. I think I already gave up the hope that I can give them the undivided attention I want. So there they are waiting patiently for my homecoming or whatever lies ahead of my visa status or sponsor. Lalalala…

Bullet #3: It’s 8 minutes walk away from the nearest bus stop. Not that it matters, well, until summer time comes that I have to worry about sweaty armpits. The highlight though? I have to pass the subway each time. There’s something cinematic and mood picker-upper in subways, don’t ask me why. 

Bullet #4: Made me realize, nothing is really permanent living in Dubai: the address, your roommates, your weight, even relationships, religion, church, beliefs and etc… hmmm… I think I’d rather devote another write up about it, when I know my stuff are back into their dedicated place.

For now, let me just enjoy the subway. 

Bullet #5: On the 3rd night at the new building, the fire alarm screeched in a cold 6am morning. One that makes your knees shake and heart thump on your throat. The next minute, all the Filipino residents were down the lobby with anything important that they were able to grab. It was False Alarm. The good news though is, the device is working. Only that it works overtime even if uncalled for. 

Has the fire razed the building, I would have been roofless with nothing but passport in my pocket and updating my status in my Ipad braless.  

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